With the new version Catalina on OSX the possibility to export the reminders as a .ics file is gone. Unfortunately I used to use this for archiving some projects. 

So I’ve put some stuff from the internet together to get a sort of XML export per terminal command.

This small tool is called RemLiEx and provides the following functions:

RemLiEx -ls                  List reminderlists.
RemLiEx -rs <ReminderList>   List items of the given reminderlist.
RemLiEx -rsc <ReminderList>  List the completed items of the given reminderlist.
RemLiEx -ex <ReminderList> <filename>  Export items of the given reminderlist.
RemLiEx -exc <ReminderList> <filename> Export completed items of the given reminderlist.
This tool does not overwrite an existing file.
RemLiEx -h to show usage information
RemLiEx -v get the version.

It ends up in a sort of XML like this:

<TITLE>Do Something</TITLE>

I provide here a Zip-File with the sourcecode and the binary, too. Feel free to improve.


Swift Sourcecode  

--> This Tool Comes WITHOUT any warrenty. Use at your own risk! <--

Hopefully the export feature will return to the native OSX-App.




Ein einfacher Timer für die tägliche Meditation. Der Timer bietet eine definierbare Vorlaufzeit und die eigentliche Sitzzeit. Speziell an diesem Timer ist die Tatsache, daß keine Samples von z.B. Klangschalen als Tonsignal verwendet werden, sondern lediglich ein Sinus-Ton mit unterschiedlicher Frequenz verwendet werden.

Externer Link zum Appstore: Simple Sinus Zazen Timer


Die Applikation "Simple Sinus Zazen Timer" speichert ihre vorgenommene Konfiguration zur Erleichterung der Bedienung. Diese Daten verbleiben auf dem Gerät und werden in keinster Weise distribuiert.


This timer gives you the ability to set up your zazen-time and a preparation-time before. The signals are generated by a simple sinus-wave. So, you get a real digital tone as a signal not a sample of a singing bowl or something else. Take this signal to act, to meditate or to open and close your sitting by tapping your own singing-bowl.

External Link to Appstore: Simple Sinus Zazen Timer

Privacy Protection

The Application "Simple Sinus Zazen Timer" stores your configuration on the device to give a better user experience. These data are not leaving the device by this application.